National Certificate in Transportation of Logs by Road



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15 Months

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This training programme leads to a National Certificate in Transportation of Logs by Road (Level 3), teaching drivers the knowledge and skills for the safe, lawful and efficient transport of logs by road.


The elective unit standards in this programme allow drivers to choose skills specific to their role, such as loading a log truck or trailer, transporting logs in an off-highway environment and operating vehicles involved in forestry operations.

The programme has been developed with the Log Transport Safety Council and is linked to an accreditation programme, which recognises drivers’ educational and practical achievement.

Pathway to Success

The Log Transport Safety Council’s (LTSC) Pathway to Success is an accreditation programme for log transport operators, to recognise their skills and experience within the industry. It is made up of four levels of accreditation: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which recognise educational and practical achievement. The programme is open to LTSC members, and demonstrates the LTSC’s commitment to improving safety outcomes in the log transport sector.

Pathway to Success


Download the Log Transport factsheet PDF - 2.8 MB

Download the Pathway to Success brochure PDF - 668 KB


If you hold a full driver licence (applicable to the relevant vehicle class) and are working as a Log Transport Operator with an employer keen to support you, contact MITO and you’ll soon be on the road to being qualified.