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StartUp® offers year 11 to 13 secondary school students learning opportunities in the automotive industry, credits towards nationally recognised qualifications and a great introduction to the working environment.

It's a great opportunity to accelerate your automotive career! Talk to your school about MITO’s StartUp® programme. 

gain ncea credits 

This programme allows students to gain up to 42 credits in 16 unit standards towards NCEA Level 1 and Level 2. There are two programmes:

  • Ignition: This is the first programme and once completed, you will receive a Certificate of Recognition and can enrol in the Accelerate programme. 
  • Accelerate: If you achieve all unit standards in both Ignition and Accelerate, you will receive the National Certificate in Motor Industry (Foundation Skills) (Level 1).


To complete the Ignition Programme, you need to achieve 20 credits.

  • These credits are made up of four compulsory unit standards (11 credits) and an additional 9 credits from the Accelerate programme
  • You can select the additional unit standards in consultation with your school, employer and MITO.

To complete the Accelerate Programme, you need to complete 22 credits.

  • You can select these unit standards in consultation with your school, employer and MITO.
  • Unit standards are available in the areas of Automotive, Driving, and First Aid.

Supported by MITO, in partnership with schools and local businesses, StartUp® has both theoretical and practical components, supporting a range of learning styles and making it enjoyable and easier to learn.


Download the StartUp® brochure PDF - 2.4 MB


If you want to gain credits, achieve a National Certificate and receive practical, hands-on experience that will look great on your CV, talk to your school Careers Advisor/Gateway Coordinator about StartUp®. 


As a student, Rayne Hungahunga initially explored career options in cooking, art and hairdressing. None seemed right - until she tried MITO’s StartUp® programme and something clicked. 

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