Extractives Unit Standard Consultation

MITO is reviewing some extractive unit standards alongside WorkSafe’s current review of requirements for Extractives’ Certificates of Competence (CoCs). The unit standards under review cover a range of health and safety, technical, and management skills and knowledge across the extractives industries.

The unit standard changes were prompted by feedback from the NZ Mining Board of Examiners as part of WorkSafe’s CoC review.  MITO convened a group of subject matter experts from across the extractives industries to prepare consultation drafts of the unit standards.

A summary of the changes can be viewed in the document below.

Review of Extractives Unit Standards - Summary of Changes PDF - 46 KB

Marked-up changes to reviewed unit standards

Draft unit standards for consultation

MITO welcomes your feedback on the reviewed unit standards.

You can provide feedback here or by email to qualificationcomments@mito.org.nz.

Feedback closes at 5pm Friday 25 August 2017.

Once industry consultation closes, MITO will:

  • Consider and incorporate feedback in to the draft unit standards
  • Submit an application to NZQA for approval and listing of the reviewed unit standards
  • Update references to legislation and guidance information across all other extractives unit standards, and include these in the NZQA submission. (These unit standards will be published as a new version, but no other changes will be made to their content at this time).

Once the reviewed unit standards are approved and listed by NZQA, MITO will begin the process of updating its related learning and assessment materials.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this unit standard review.