National Certificate in International Freight Forwarding 



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Transport and Logistics Level

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3 and 4

1 Year

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Become a qualified Freight Forwarder and discover the exciting opportunities for those involved with freight movement both within New Zealand and internationally.


The National Certificate in International Freight Forwarding (Intermediate) (Level 3) programme is designed to provide learners with the knowledge of key sector groups and compliance agencies, specifically focusing on:

  • Legislation
  • Document requirements and industry specific terminology
  • World geography
  • The distribution environment
  • Internal and external customer service.

The National Certificate in International Freight Forwarding (Advanced) (Level 4) is designed to give learners the skills and knowledge to successfully engage in the international movement of freight, with a focus on:

  • Customs regulations
  • Payment methods for international trade
  • Import and export documentation
  • Selecting, preparing and costing door-to-door delivery of international freight.


Download the Freight Forwarding factsheet PDF - 2.1 MB


If you are currently employed in the industry and your employer is able to support your training programme, contact MITO and we’ll arrange an appointment to get your career moving forward.


It has been an exciting couple of years for Renee Conroy—the young achiever has completed MITO’s Freight Forwarding programme and won a prestigious award!

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