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3½ Years

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Coach Builders produce and assemble frames and parts for cars and commercial vehicles. From interpreting vehicle plans to measuring, marking, altering and fitting framing, panels and components, this programme will give you the skills and knowledge to become fully qualified.


Your specific programme will relate to the strand you choose:

Passenger Services

  • Make and assemble vehicle chassis drop sections
  • Fit interior fixtures in a passenger service vehicle
  • Design, make and modify vehicle seat frames
  • Carry out fixed glass installation.

Commercial Vehicles

  • Make and assemble vehicle chassis drop sections
  • Make and fit a draw beam to a vehicle
  • Fit curtain rails and sides, a tail lift, and a hoist to a vehicle
  • Make and modify seat frames
  • Make a flat deck truck body and headboard.

Motor Homes & Caravans

  • Design, make and modify vehicle seat frames
  • Remove the rear of a vehicle cab for modification
  • Fit interior fixtures
  • Carry out motor trimming carpentry requirements.


Written, practical, and computer-based training resources are utilised to support a range of learning styles, making it enjoyable and easier to learn. You can expect a combination of workplace learning, off-job training and self-motivated study.

Support will be provided by your MITO Industry Training Advisor, workplace supervisor and specialist trainers.


If you are currently employed in the industry and your employer is able to support you, contact MITO and we’ll arrange an appointment to get you on your way to a rewarding career.